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Downtown Miami is the central business district of South Florida, Miami-Dade County and Miami, Florida. Brickell Avenue/Biscayne Boulevard is the main north-south road in downtown, and Flagler Street is the main east-west road in the Central Business District. As of 2009, there are approximately 60,000 year-round residents in Downtown (including neighboring Brickell). As of 2009, over 190,000 office employees work in Downtown and Brickell. (Source: Wikipedia)

Historically, Flagler Street has been Downtown’s major shopping street dating back to the 1800s. Today, it is still Downtown’s major shopping street, with Florida’s flagship Macy’s (formerly Burdines) on Flagler Street and Miami Avenue, as well as Miami’s own department store, La Epoca on Flagler Street and Second Avenue. Much focus has been placed on revitalizing Flagler Street to its former grandeur. In recent years, a renewed investment interest has been placed on Flagler Street, and many new restaurants and stores have opened up, new landscaping and pavers have been placed, as well as enforced security and tourist guides.

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