Meet Pablo

Co founder and partner of the firm GZI REAL ESTATE SALES & MARKETING LLC

Pablo Buttice was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, fathered by none other than Carlos “Batman” Buttice, a famous soccer player in Argentina. After graduating in 1992 from Universidad del Salvador with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, he was eager to start his career as an entrepreneur. At 20 he already owned several restaurants in Las Leñas and Pinamar, which are tourist hot spots in Argentina. In addition, he designed and developed various urban planning projects in Argentina. Given his knack for business and successful strategic planning to add-value to neighborhoods, he decided to move to Miami ten years ago and began working with Luxury Construction and Stone Business. For the next seven years he used his knowledge of urban development to exploit the Miami Real Estate market. Thus, in 2010 he co-founded GZI Realty specializing in real estate brokerage, sales and marketing.